Top Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Ah, Chiang Mai. A beautiful city located in the North of Thailand, filled with gorgeous temples and activities for all ages. You can check out an elephant sanctuary, try out a cooking class, head out on a hike, or simply wander through the city and you will surely have an incredible time.

If you wander the streets of Chiang Mai, you’re bound to find many beautiful temples!

The food was absolutely incredible everywhere I went, especially in Chiang Mai. From Khao Soi, to Pad Thai, to Spring Rolls hot and fresh – there were so many different dishes to try! As a vegetarian, it can be tricky to find good restaurants in Asia. I’ve put together a list of my favourite restaurants in Chiang Mai to visit on your trip!

1. Ming Kwan Vegetarian Restaurant

By far the best and most affordable vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai is Ming Kwan Vegetarian Restaurant. This cash-only hole in the wall restaurant is located in Old Town near Wat Phra Singh Temple, serving rice and noodle dishes. This is where I had the best vegetarian Khao Soi I’ve ever had in my life. It was so good that I went back 3 times in 4 days, along with my meat-eating partner who was equally as passionate about the Khao Soi. The best part about this place is that the dishes are 25-40 baht (~$1 USD) each!!!

Khao Soi and a rice dish. So delicious!

2. Taste From Heaven

Located at the edge of Old Town on Ratchamanka Road is my favourite vegetarian place at this edge of town. Serving both traditional and western dishes in their very extensive menu, you’re bound to find the tasty dish you’ve been craving for a reasonable price! I would recommend trying one of the curries or the pineapple fried rice, which were all amazing! The dishes are around 90-150 baht (~$3-5 USD) a plate, making it justifiable to try multiple items on the menu.

3. Fern Forest Cafe

I wanted to only mention pure vegetarian restaurants in this article, but this cafe restaurant is one of the prettiest restaurants that I visited in Chiang Mai. The entry is a garden with outdoor seating, and a small pond with the biggest Koi fish I’ve ever seen. The coffee here is phenomenal – be sure to try the honey Americano that comes with a piece of honeycomb in it. This would be a great breakfast spot as they serve a large variety of breakfast food, but they also serve Thai and Western dishes for lunch and dinner. This restaurant is not purely vegetarian, so be sure to check the ingredients before choosing your dish. I got the vegetarian Pad Thai without egg and it was really good! As this is a sit down restaurant, the prices are a bit higher at around 100-250 baht a plate (~$4-10 USD).

Pad Thai

4. Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant

Outside of Old Town and near Maya mall is a small and cute Thai restaurant, serving large portions and traditional dishes made vegetarian. It is close to the airport, so would be a nice lunch or dinner stop before your flight out of Chiang Mai International Airport. Definitely try either the Penang or red curry, as it is to die for! Most dishes are over 100 baht ($4 USD), but the sizeable portions are definitely worth it!

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